Classes & Schedules

All of our classes run from Tuesday, Sept 5th, 2017 – June 9th, 2018. Please see our Yearly Calendar (2017-2018 Calender Coming Soon) for more details. Notice the Open Houses in yellow – this is when you can come into the studio and watch class! Other important days to mark on your calendar are Picture Days in May (please try and leave those three days as open as possible) and the Dress Rehearsals and Gala in June. Every dancer participating in the Gala must come to those three days (May 28, June 4, June 9) so mark them early!

(2017-2018 Weekly Schedule Coming Soon) Take a look as well at our Weekly Schedule or see our Class Times sorted by class name.

Links to specific dancewear requirements are included under each of the headings below. If you’d like to see a comprehensive list for all classes please click the link here. All clothing can be purchased either through JDC’s 2nd Hand Boutique or at one of Dance Street’s two locations in Saskatoon (see the bottom of the link below for more details).
Regulation Dance Wear for All Classes

Tiny Tots/Beginners

We offer classes for your little ones starting all the way at age 3! We begin by offering Tiny Tots Ballet/Jazz classes for the 3 year olds, and tap is an option as well.  Even the Tiny Tots get a costume and a turn on stage at the end of the year, so you can see your little one performing with the best! Beginner Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Acro classes start at age 5, and are also included in the show. Our Tiny Tots and Beginner programs are taught by the lovely Miss Hannah and Miss Jordan. These are the perfect way to get your budding dancer acquainted with their body, the space, the music and teamwork!

Registration Requirements – None!

What to Wear: BalletJazz


Are you interested in learning dance for the first time but feel like you might be too old? Maybe you used to dance when you were younger and are feeling the pull again? There is no age too old to jump into dancing! We offer adult classes in Ballet, Pointe and Hip Hop for all ages and levels. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or returning from many years of training, there is a spot for you. Miss Caelia is the adult teacher at the studio and has created a specialized syllabus for each level, tailored to the abilities of the specific dancers. Our adult classes focus on health, safety and fitness, so you will never be forced to do something beyond your ability – but we will push your limits! We offer a challenging and rewarding program with opportunities to progress or stay just where you’re comfortable. The adults also go on stage with a costume at the end of the year as part of the JDC team! Lots of hard work and lots of fun go together to make our Adult Ballet, Adult Pointe and Adult Hip Hop classes a great way to spend an evening.

Please take the time to read a testimonial from one of our long-time dancers – who happens to be Miss Caelia’s Mom! She has been taking ballet to help with her Fibromyalgia for over 5 years now and keeps coming back for more!

Registration Requirements – None!

What to Wear


Our acro program is young but it’s booming! We have three acro classes for three different age/experience levels. In these classes the dancers work on a lot of core and upper body strength and balance control. They are then taught age appropriate tricks by our wonderful Acro coaches Miss Jenn and Miss Brooke. We use plenty of mats and other helpful props for safe execution of tricks, as well as plenty of helping hands from our assistants and spotters. The kids had a great time with Acro last year and we are very excited to be continuing!

Registration Requirements – None!

What to Wear


At JDC, it is our firm belief that ballet is the foundation for all other dance styles. The posture, alignment, control and discipline learned in ballet gives our dancers the tools and skills to excel in their jazz, lyrical and even acro classes. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus program, from Pre-School (ages 4 & 5) to Advanced 2 (graduating dancers), and offer exam options at various levels. We begin training our ballet dancers twice a week in Grade 1, and class time increases with level. Of course, as with any ballet program, the Pointe and Allegro are major components. Our pointe training is now included in our ballet classes, so everyone can benefit from the extra strength and control it requires, even if they are not interested in buying shoes and dancing “en pointe”. Allegro training is also included at our Inter. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels, but we do offer a separate Junior Allegro class. Allegro, while being a section of the normal Ballet syllabus, is extremely important as the steps are very fast and can be difficult to execute properly, and the terminology becomes quite challenging for dancers as they progress through the levels – especially because everything is in French! Our ballet programs are taught by Miss Megan (Intermediate & Advanced 1), Miss Jordan (Grade 1 to Intermediate Foundation) and Miss Hannah (Tiny Tots, Pre-School, Pre-Primary & Primary). Our ballet programs are supported by Madame Juliette, for ultimate consistency and quality in your dancer’s most fundamental training.

Registration Requirements – If two classes a week are available for the level, the dancer must take both classes (Grade 1 and up).

What to Wear: Pre-School, Pre-Primary & Primary; Grade 1 to Grade 6Inter. Foundation to Advanced 2


Jazz is the fun one! With lots of technique still required, and drawing a lot of posture and control from the ballet training, Jazz is more high-energy, with more speed and power in its movements and a whole lot of flash! The music used for Jazz class is more popular, radio music, which promotes a lot of movement in the way of kicks, jumps and turns. We are now offering Jazz beginning at age 3 and continuing all the way up to our most advanced level. We also offer competitive options at a certain age, so the groups can perform on stage as a team more than just once a year at the gala. Our Jazz teachers are Miss Christine (Senior), Miss Chelsea (Elementary, Junior, Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate), Miss Jordan (Beginner), and Miss Hannah (Tiny Tots), and they all work together to ensure a coherent and consistent Jazz program is taught for all levels.

Registration Requirements – All dancers enrolled in Jazz must be enrolled in the corresponding Stretch & Technique class (beginning at Elementary Jazz) and the Muscle & Tone class (beginning at Junior Level). Any dancers wishing to compete with their group in Jazz must be enrolled in Ballet classes (and must be in two classes per week if Grade 1 Ballet or higher).

What to Wear


Lyrical, by definition, consists of “dancing to the lyrics”. The purpose of this discipline is to tell a story. Our Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical programs are all closely related and most of our dancers are enrolled in all three disciplines as soon as they are able.  We offer our first Lyrical classes at the Junior level. Our Lyrical classes are taught by Miss Christine (Senior), Miss Chelsea (Intermediate) and Miss Hannah (Junior).

Registration Requirements – All dancers enrolled in Lyrical must be enrolled in Ballet classes (and must be in two classes per week beginning at the Junior Level).

What to Wear


Tap requires an entirely different set of skills from our Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical classes. Tappers learn their technique from the very first class and progress through a regimented program until the advanced level. We start accepting tap dancers at age 5 in our Beginner class. Tap is taught by Miss Christine (Senior), Miss Chelsea (Elementary & Junior/Intermediate) and Miss Hannah (Beginner).

Registration Requirements – None!

What to Wear

Hip Hop

We start Hip Hop at age 5 in the Beginner class and continue it past the Advanced level to even include adults! Hip Hop is great fun at all ages. Our Hip Hop teachers are Miss Christine (Senior), Miss Chelsea (Pre Intermediate & Junior/Intermediate), Miss Brooke (Elementary),  and Miss Jordan (Beginner).

Registration Requirements – None!

What to Wear


We have a handful of classes at the studio that exist either as stand-alone programs or supplementary classes for our other disciplines.

The Stretch & Tone classes are offered for students in the Elementary levels and higher- to improve dancers’ flexibility and strength through stretching and conditioning, and also work on steps and elements across the floor.  Students who are competing must enroll in Stretch & Tone.

We have Modern classes available beginning at the Junior level taught by Miss Jordan .

We are taking names of students who may be interested in taking Musical Theater.

We are now offering a new class for students competing at the Junior level and higher.  It is called Muscle & Tone.  This class will help students with their core strength, muscle conditioning and endurance.

We hope to be offering Mommy & Me classes in shorter sessions soon in the coming season. If you’re interested in taking class with your special little one, please contact us and we will keep you posted with any new information!